One by MarLu dog raincoats and coats were created thanks to my greatest inspiration – Žaža. She loves walking and playing in the rain. The question appear – a wet, muddy dog ​​or a wet, muddy raincoat? So we started the adventure of designing raincoats for dogs.

Raincoats are designed so that they are very easy to put on and allow complete freedom of movement on walk or chase through the forest.

Made from waterproof material they are very easy to maintain. It is enough to wipe them with a wet cloth and you are ready for new adventures. When they get dirtier simply put them in washing machine on lover temperatures.

They are available in different sizes. Both small and large pets like to be dry and warm.

One by MarLu raincoats are not reserved only for rainy days. In spring and autumn raincoats are perfect but they are not warm enough for winter adventures. With undercoat Beo our raincoats are easly transformed into waterproof winter coats.

Don’t worry our four-legged friends, we haven’t forgotten about your people! Raincoats (internal link to men’s raincoats) for them are designed to match your styling. The unisex model is intended for women and men, so your people have no longer an excuse to stay at home. Match your outfits and enjoy the raindrops!

Not just for pets but for humans too! 😉


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