​Just as we care about the quality of the clothes we produce; we also care about the quality of life and the environment. In the production of every piece of clothes exist an excess of fabric that otherwise ends up in the waste. Thinking about how to minimize that waste, we found inspiration in the zero waste (no waste) movement.

Zero waste is a global movement that promotes life without creating any waste. The emphasis is on the use of sustainable materials (glass, wood, metal) and the avoidance of disposable products (e.g., plastic bags) or those of lower quality (e.g., fast fashion clothing). The goal is not to send garbage to landfills or incinerators and especially for garbage that does not end up in the sea or ocean.

Inspired by this, we use the remnants of fabrics to make for example pet toys. Recycling was the next step that fit perfectly into this story so some of the things we do, like snuffle mats and bags, are made or finished using recycled materials.

One by MarLu products come to you in reusable, cotton bags that you can use for a variety of purposes.

Nature is our endless inspiration, and we want to do everything in our power to preserve it!

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