How to motivate a dog to play? Easy! Offer him one of our One by MarLu interactive toys.

Interactive toys Mo (insert an internal link to Mo toy), Mini (insert an internal link to Mini toy), and Melly (insert an internal link to Melly toy) are great for stimulating their hunting instinct, strengthening the bond between owners and dogs and allow you spend your time together in the best possible way – playing).


With its mentally stimulating effect, the Boby sniffer helps pets to:

-consume meals more slowly, which helps digestion

-provide distraction in stressful situations

-provides hours of fun


One by MarLu pet toys was created based on the idea of ​​the zero waste movement. After cutting any garment, there are fabric remnants that usually end up in the trash. And that’s exactly what we wanted to avoid and we found a great way to do it! We use fabric scraps to make (stuffing) toys for pets so our toys are not only fun but also help preserve the environment. We love nature and want to do everything we can to preserve it!

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