Do you like a little bit of bling? Going out on the town?  Off to work? The beach or shopping? You only need a ‘’BAG’’  shine with a bow. This shopping bag steps out of the box to become your favorite all-day bag. Designed in various colors of durable eco-leather, and black handles and bow, it complements different outfits. Dimensions of the eco-leather from which it is made were an important factor and we defined the dimensions of the BAG in a way that there is no excess material after tailoring. Zero west inspiration is present in everything we do! The bows are made of recycled leather, each one is unique, made of different pieces of leather joined together.


100% polyester

100% recycled leather(bow)

Dimensions:h 50 cm x w 48 cm

@please note-all shopping bags are hand made and there is a possibility of variation in dimensions +/- 2%



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